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Director  of nursing. The following list of duties is not intended to be restrictive or all inclusive. The fact that certain duties may not be listed does not limit the performance of additional duties.

• Establish priorities and job assignments.

• Monitor unit activities, communicate policies, evaluate performance, and provide feedback, and assist, coach, redirect, and discipline as needed.

• Maintain records, manage budgets and supplies.

• Conduct regular rounds to monitor resident activity and ensure resident quality care.

• Assess resident’s physical and psycho social status.

• Monitor care activities and documentation to ensure the delivery of nursing care according to the physician’s orders, care plans, and established standards and facility policies.

• Develop and maintain nursing care objectives and standards of nursing care practices for this facility in cooperation with the Director of Nursing.

• Plan, organize and direct in cooperation with the Assistant Director, effective administration of nursing unit and patient care given based on the established goals and objectives, standards, policies, and procedures of this facility.

• Regularly inspect the facility and nursing practices for compliance with federal, state and local standards and regulations.

• Assure residents of a comfortable, clean, orderly and safe environment.

• Assure proper handling and emergency care of residents, personnel, and visitors while on the job or in the building.

• Assist in development of Patient Care Plans for individual residents including rehabilitative and restorative activities.

• Maintain required records. Review, update and revise policies including OBRA, OSHA, HIPPA, and QA procedures to meet current objectives and State and Federal Standards.

• Attend Department Head meetings and assist in coordinating activities of Nursing Service with other departments of the facility.

• Review Infection Control Reports, Medication Incident Reports, and Patient Incident Reports for corrective action.

• Assist in developing and maintaining nursing service objectives, standards of nursing practice, nursing policy and procedure manuals, written job descriptions for each level of nursing personnel, scheduling of rounds to see all residents, methods for coordination of nursing services with other resident services.

• Assist in organizing, developing, and directing the administration and resident care of the nursing service department.

• Comply with, support and enforce Company policies involving all safety and infection control procedures to include the proper use of mechanical lifts, gait belts, and personal protective wear.

• Understand, comply with and promote all rules and regulations regarding residents’ rights; promote positive relationship with residents, visitors, and regulators, to include presenting a professional appearance.

• Ensure medication administration is as ordered in accordance with nursing standards and facility policies.

• Monitor associate relations practices to ensure practices that maintain high morale and staff retention to include effective communication, prompt problem resolution, positive supervisory practices, and maintaining a positive work environment.

• To plan and implement nursing orientation, job skills training, and in-service education programs in accordance with company policies and regulations.

• Comply with other duties as assigned or needed.

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